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Aurora Surgical Center - A New Dawn To A New You Located In Flagstaff Arizona We Provide Surgery Suites for medical professionals to provide their respective surgical protocols and integrated pain management procedures. We currently are seeking to work with local Surgeons, Podiatrists, Interventional Pain Management specialists and Chiropractors who seek to perform their services in an Arizona Certified Surgical Center. Aurora Surgical and Pain Management Center was created to provide an integrated approach to help auto accident victims and Work Comp patients receive the best care possible, as well general surgery. Our philosophy is to provide medical suites when needed to address health issues and concerns that respond to an integrated health clinical approach while being delivered in a “patient comes first” environment. We also provide Interventional pain management for your out of network insurance patients. Our Promise-No Surprise Billing of Our Surgical Center Fees. Our charges are always 100% explained to your patient and we always negotiate our fees with all accident injury attorneys. We also provide Medical providers with an opportunity of ownership with a proprietary legal contract that allows surgical center profit sharing that is 100% legally bullet proof. We are in the business of the “Patient Comes First” Surgical Center Facility. Where your medical professional can refer you for additional procedures that cannot be delivered in an office environment to get you the best possible outcomes.