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We offer a wide scope of services in both Interior Design and General Construction. Whether you’re looking for a quick design consultation, have your own plans ready or your project is somewhere in between, we’re here to help. Construction: If you have a new build project or you are looking to remodel a kitchen, bathroom or other interior space, GOGS Design and Construction provides quality workmanship and guarantees efficient project completion: - On-time - Respect for customer needs and budget - Personalized service with attention to detail Interior Design: As a combination of art and science, the goal of interior design is to create safe, functional and aesthetically pleasant spaces. Consultation: We will determine your project needs and suggest appropriate solutions, from determining layouts to selecting finishes and color. Design: - Lead the project involving you in the design process from concept to final product - Present the best solutions and NEVER make any decision without your approval - Finish selections, including materials, cabinetry, fittings, fixtures, appliances and/or lighting design - Make purchases