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Heel - Dog Training, focuses on the individuality of each dog and what will work best for them and their owners. My Background: Ever since I was a kid I've loved dogs and other animals! When I was younger I would watch dog training shows on Animal Planet and then go practice what I learned on my dog at the time. (His name was Pudgie) My first e-mail address was dogexpert1 in middle school and like the dog nerd I was, I would tell people dog facts whenever I could! When I was in college taking business classes (because I knew I was an entrepreneur) I decided that dog training was for me! My interest in dog training started when I was in high school and needed my dog, Ruby, to be my service animal. I couldn't find a trainer that could help in the area, so I decided to train her myself. Then came the decision to go to Animal Behavior College to earn my certificate as a dog trainer (2019). That lead to more experience with different dog trainers in Flagstaff and Phoenix, AZ. I have also worked at a pet store and a doggy daycare/boarding facility where I learned even more.