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Mosaic is a technology-focused construction company. We use the power of computer science to build more efficiently, so we can help to create places people love. CULTURE: Our mission is to make places people love, and make them widely available. We aim to build homes, communities, neighborhoods, and cities that feel beautiful, sustainable, connected, and alive. We aim to help homebuilders create neighborhoods that are tight-knit communities, and homes that reflect the uniqueness of the families living in them. CODE: Based on several years of research, we have developed a programming language that allows us to program the construction of buildings — automatically translating complicated blueprints into simple step-by-step instructions. We use this technology to automate and monitor every part of the construction process: from planning, to purchasing, to supply chain management, to quality control, to accounting, to building itself. CONSTRUCTION: Using our technology, we can quickly cross-train our workforce in multiple trades, which eases the challenge of finding previously skilled labor. This allows us to do our own construction directly, instead of outsourcing the work to external subcontractors?—?which, in turn, allows us to take a more holistic approach to the overall process. We offer our technology-powered construction services to homebuilders, helping them build more efficiently. COMMUNITY: As an integrated “full-stack” construction provider, we can explore new possibilities for architecture, community design, landscape, and transportation. Inspired by the classic book, A Pattern Language, we use an evolving library of patterns to guide our approach to these four areas — Culture, Code, Construction, and Community. Put into practice at scale, we believe these patterns can help to bring about a world of places people love.